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Here you will find answers to some of our most commonly asked questions!

Please read through them to get a better idea of how the business works!

What time will my food arrive?
Food is guaranteed to be delivered to all houses by 6:30pm on delivery days.

I got the text, but I don't see my food! Help!
The easiest way to solve this problem is to text directly back to your delivery driver and ask them where they may have left it.

Can I pick up my provisions any time during the week?
We allow you to pick up provisions that are ordered directly from the website on Friday and Saturday mornings. If you order them with your meals, they will be delivered with your food on Wednesday (Monday if you did not order for Wednesday).
Please note: Chicken salad, tuna salad & overnight oats are only delivered with meals on Mondays.

What's up with these new cooler bags?
We offer custom Home Cook cooler bags to purchase for $15 on our website. You will be responsible to leave them out if you would like your order to go in them, however, you can use them for anything else!

How do I book you to cater an event?
You can visit our catering page on our website, or email directly so we can get you started!

I have a friend who wants to try it, but they want more information.
We love when new families want to try our food! They can reach out to and set up a time to chat about their needs.

When do the menus come out?
Newsletters with the menu come out on Thursday afternoons, which allow you to go directly to the order form. You will also get a reminder on Sunday mornings.

How can I find out what exactly is in all the dishes?
If you click here, you will not only see the ingredients in our main dishes, but we also provide you with reheating instructions in case you misplace your paper.

What if I want my meals delivered on a different day?
Unfortunately, all Monday and Wednesday meals are only delivered on those specific days.

When is the latest I can order?
Cutoff times for Monday delivery are Sunday at 10am and the cutoff for Wednesdays meals is Monday at 10am.

How many meals can I order?
The simple answer: as many as you want! We have a 2 order minimum for the whole week but if you want every meal, we encourage your optimism!

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